Seed, Private & IDO

Yamp is currently going through fundraising phase, split into 3 rounds.

Seed Round Participation

Two percent of the supply is dedicated to the seed round. These are some of our longstanding supporters and strategic alliances that we would deem “smart money” who are willing to contribute early. Their commitment and backing speaks to our shared vision for the project.
% Supply
Price (BNB)
Vesting Period
2.85 %
150 BNB
20% unlocked, 20% monthly

Private Round Participation

We have allocated a larger portion of YAMP tokens to the private round. The rationale is simple — to attract commercial support that can help us achieve the long-term vision of the project while generating multi-national visibility.
% Supply
Price (BNB)
Vesting Period
10.7 %
731 BNB
25% unlocked, 25% monthly

IDO Round Participation

Our IDO will give the public the opportunity to acquire YAMP tokens before listing.
% Supply
Vesting Period
7.14 %
0.04018 USDC
209,925 USDC
10% unlocked daily
The IDO will take place on Starter.xyz on the 22nd of July 2021.
The IDO price is pegged to USDC at the BNB rate of 0.000141 (BNB).