The DeFi lending market

Lending on DeFi platforms has grown by over 250% in the last three months alone. Investors use defi loans to borrow BEP20 tokens to hedge positions, perform arbitrage, earn yields, and manage taxes.

There is over $11 billion USD in loans on defi lending platforms like Maker, Compound, and Aave. These DeFi lending platforms are some of the highest valued projects in the crypto industry.

The DeFi LP market

Over $1 billion USD is traded daily on automated market making (AMM) exchanges like PancakeSwap.

All AMM exchanges require liquidity providers to hold locked LP tokens, on which they can earn yields.

Locking funds in LP tokens incurs an opportunity cost of borrowing against them. Yamp solves this.

There is over $7 billion locked in LP tokens on AMM exchanges, and this amount is growing daily. Yamp brings together liquidity providers and borrowers to solve mutual problems.

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